Lightship # 116-538 CHESAPEAKE


You can view a scan of the real Deck Logs for Lightship # 116-538 for the 1930's         updated 30 December 2019

In the period from 1930 to 1939, the Deck Logs for Lightship 116 were maintained in a standard Department of Commerce U.S.L.H.S Log Book, which was an actual log book.  As the Deck Logs for this time period are copied, photographed + scanned, the cover and standard special pages at the beginning and end of the log book for the time period covered by each log book will be posted on this page.  This includes a list of the officers, with their home address, and list of time-off or leave that any of the crew have taken during the time of that log book.

Please be patient as these files can be large.  This was done on purpose because for this decade these pages from the Deck Log Book contain much more information on the officers and crew members assigned to the Lightship. 

The daily 1930's Deck Logs usually record events, not the personnel.

The scans of the actual daily Deck Logs will be posted on different pages, one for each year.  They can be found by holding your mouse pointer over the 1930 to 1939 Deck Logs title in the pull down menu and then they will show up in the new pull down menu.  Click on the year you are looking for.

Please note that many of the copies below were obtained by taking photos of the pages to save $.  It was not discovered that some photos have portions out of focus until I viewed them at home later.  As time allows, I will get better copies.  If you have any problems seeing the logs for the dates that are underlined, first try right clicking on the link then select "Open link in New Tab" and see if that works.  If not, send me an email:

Deck Log Book July 1930 to February 1931

 Deck Log Book February 1931 to  

 Deck Log Book     

 Deck Log Book                         to May 1934

Deck Log Book May 1934 to December 1934 

Deck Log Book December 1934 to June 1935 

Deck Log Book June 1935 to December 1935 

Deck Log Book December 1935 to July 1936 

Deck Log Book July 1936 to February 1937 

Deck Log Book February 1937 to August 1937 

Deck Log Book August 1937 to March 1938 

Deck Log Book March 1938 to September 1938 

Deck Log Book September 1938 to April 1939 


The Deck Logs for May to December 1939 cannot be located in the National Archives at this time.