Lightship # 116-538 CHESAPEAKE


You can click on the dates below that are under the month in BLUE to see a scan of the Lightships Deck Log for that part of the Month in 1969 that was copied from the original Deck Logs in the National Archives in Washington DC.   The file is in pdf format and between 1 and 1.5 MB in size, so please be patient.  If you have issues where it doesn't open when you click on the dates, try right click and select "Open link in New Tab" and see if that works.

This is a continuing project and more will be posted as they are they are copied and scanned.   We have all of the deck logs for 1969 but the files are large.  While we work to format them for the web site, if you have an interest in a specific month, send an email to:

                                                              updated 1 December 2022

January     1st to 15th    16th to 31st


February   1st to 15th   16th to 28th


March          1st to 15th   16th to 31st


April             1st to 15th    16th to 30th


May                1st to 15th     16th to 31st


June             1st to 15th    16th to 30th


July                1st to 15th     16th to 31st


August          1st to 15th     16th to 31st


September  1st to 15th     16th to 30th


October       1st to 15th     16th to 31st


November   1st to 15th     16th to 30th


December   1st to 15th     16th to 31st


All Deck Logs shown on this page are scans of a photocopy made from the actual Deck Logs for the Lightship 116-538 that are stored in the National Archives at the Washington DC location.  Tragically, some months and years are missing.