Lightship # 116-538 CHESAPEAKE


Light Stations in the Chesapeake Bay served by a Lightship
                                1820 to 1965            updated 6 December 2013

Because the Chesapeake Bay was one of the biggest inland bays in the early US, it has a long history of being served by Lightships. 

These early Aids to Navigation were also known by several other names in the early 1800s such as Light Boats, Floating Lights and Light Vessels.

The following are all 17 of the designated Light Stations in the Chesapeake Bay that had a Light Boat or Light Ship assigned to them at any point in time. 

These are the officially designated Light Stations by the federal government and were served by federally funded light boats, light vessels or light ships during the years indicated.  More information on each station will be posted as developed. 

This list is taken from the USCG Historians Web Site.  

Bowlers Rock, 1835-1868   LS-C, LV-28  (photo needed w/name)

Bush Bluff, 1891-1914   LV-46, LS-97  (photo needed of 46 w/name)

Cape Charles, 1888-1926 (then Chesapeake)  LV-46, LV-49, LS-101

Chesapeake, 1927-1965  LV-80, LV-72, (photos needed)  LS-116

Choptank River, 1870-1871   LV-25  (photo needed w/name)

Craney Island, 1820-1859   LS-C (photo needed)

Hoopers Straight, 1827-1867  LV-25  (photo needed)

Janes/James Island, 1853-1867   LV-? (photo needed w/name)

Lower Cedar Point, 1825-1867  LS-DD, LV-24  (photos needed)

Smith Point, 1821-1897  LS-B, LV-23, LV-46  (photos needed)

Tail of the Horseshoe, 1900-1922 LV-71, LV-46 (photo needed of 71

Thirty Five Foot Channel, 1908-1919  LV-45   

Upper Cedar Point, 1821-1867 LS-LL, LS-EE, LS-SS, LV-21
(photos needed)

Willoughbys Spit, 1820-1872  LS-C, LS-Q, LV-21, LV-23 (photos needed w/name)

Windmill Point , 1834-1869  LS-U, LV-21 (photos needed w/name)

Winter Quarter Shoal, 1874-1960  LV-24, LV-2, LV-37, LV-45, LS-91, LS-107  (photos needed)

Wolf Trap, 1821-1893  LS- S, LS-T, LV-22, LV-46 (photos needed w/name)

York Spit, 1855-1870 LS-T, LV-22, LV-24 (photos needed w/name)