Lightship # 116-538 CHESAPEAKE


You can view the Crew Lists for the Lightship # 116-538

You can click on each one of the months for the years in the pages in the pull-down menu to see a typed up list of the Ships Crew for that month that have been prepared to date.  These typed lists were prepared using the ships Deck Logs and Crew Muster Lists from the National Archives.

In some years there were Crew Muster List forms that were completed and submitted as a separate report(1941-1949).  In some years this Crew Muster list was made a part of the Deck Log as page 1 for each month.  

For the typed lists that were prepared by reading through the deck log for that month page by page to locate entries that list a crew member, you will need to go to the Deck Log pages to see a scan of the original deck log pages for that month.  The typed lists are not always complete for the months that the individual days of the Deck Log were used as there is seldom an entry for each and every sailor on board.  

If you have specific information on a Past Crew Member to add, please contact us at

On the advice of counsel, the individual sailors service number are redacted from the scans and the typed lists. 


 A quick link to the 1940s crew lists is: HERE




 updated: 19 December  2013