Lightship # 116-538 CHESAPEAKE


Repair Parts, and items / equipment needed for restoration 

updated 5 August 2022

The museum is forbidden by it bylaws from purchasing artifacts, but can accept donated items.  The Museum is a non-profit organization and can provide a receipt for your donation.  We cooperate with other maritime museums that also need parts for the restoration and repair of their historic ships.  See the tab - Parts to Trade.

If you have any of the items below to donate, or know where any of them are, please contact Greg at:    

 1) one AN/SPN-25 LORAN Receiver, RCA model # LR 8803:


 2) Two AN/URC-7 HF Radio Transceivers for the Radio Room

ONE LOCATED and now in hand!  Thank You Tom H for your valuable donation !!!


 3) two URC-7 Remote Handsets for the Pilothouse: one located and donated, still need one more!

 4) One 1960 to 1965 vintage Black and White TV, about 19 ", preferably in working order, but not required.  ALSO, one coffee pot as shown in the photo:   


 5) one 4-horn diaphone Fog Horn as shown below:

  We would be interested to obtain detailed plans for this in case we need to have one fabricated.

 6) one Chart Table Light. 

ITEM LOCATED and IN HAND!  THANK YOU to Tom H for your donation! 

 7) Six Voice Tube mouth pieces:


 8) An AN/SPN-11 RADAR Antenna, we have parts and a manual.


 9)  7 to 9 matching chairs for the wardroom, that match the oak tables.  The chairs in the wardroom now, shown below, are not original and are not in good shape.

 10) A new Air Conditioning unit for the Wardroom, max dimensions: 19.5"high, 28"wide, 22"deep, 115v AC: ITEM DONATED and IN HAND!  THANK YOU to Kurt K for your donation!

 11) One inch thick marine glass, of various diameters, to replace cracked and damaged glass in port lights and skylights.  SAMPLE:



 12) Parts for GM 6-71 and 2-71 Diesel Engines, especially hoses + filters and injectors.  Some have been obtained at JRRF.  Thanks to the JRRF staff for their assistance.  But we will take all we can get.


 13) 1500w and 1000w light bulbs for the main and auxiliary light beacons.  We can use as many as we can get!    Two prong preferred, but can also use ones with the screw baseThe 1000w bulbs are the same as the ones used in 12" Navy signal lights.  Photos of the 1000w bulbs (and one of the volunteers' grandson!):


 14) Four DC Light switch boxes; note that the cover plate has 3 screws, not 4: 


 15) Two DC current 3-wire plugs, with a WIDE cable entrance, in better shape than this one:


  16) About ten of these exterior light fixtures:


 17) Two light fixtures for the wardroom as shown:


  18) Three brass blade holders for a Firefighting and Damage Control Ax:

  19) The original brass Builders Plate for the Lightship that was located in the Engine Room Fidley.

 20) The original wooden, 10 spoke, ships wheel that was installed in the Pilothouse before the brass one was installed in the 1970s.

 21) One R-649/URR  200Khz - 18Mhz Radio receiver, built by Hallicrafters.


 22) Three Desk Light Fixture sockets, more for spares would be great: 


  23) Many Light Fixture sockets, both with and without the internal switch, but the ones without are needed more:


 24) Many Rotary Light switches, all R&S model #'s.  The more for spares the better:


 25) Nine newer style Light Fixture Sockets:


 26) Four of this style of internal light fixture: 

   27) Two complete lock sets with door knobs, internal parts for another six and another 4 door knob sets.  1 COMPLETE LOCK SET FOUND, STILL NEED ONE MORE.  THANKS GREG!  Door knobs are oblong, not egg shaped.  Note the locks are keyed for a skeleton key.


 28) Three complete lock sets with door knobs.  Note they are keyed for a skeleton key.

  29)The instrument shown in the photos, Barometer?:


 30) 150 feet of radio antenna wire, 1/16" thick.


 31) Three 24-28" life rings.


 32) One TB-142 Radio Beacon Transmitter unit.


 33) One FMTR-80B  FM Radio Transmitter


 34) One IM-146A-GRN  Wind Speed Indicator

end of list.