Lightship # 116-538 CHESAPEAKE


Parts we have and can trade to another ship museum or give away          
                                                     updated 31 August 2022

If you are a staff member or volunteer for an established 501c3 historic ship museum and need any of the items below, please contact us at .   We can discus a trade for other parts we need at HSIB for the Lightship, Sub Torsk or Cutter Taney or a direct transfer.  

1.   One 52373-C Radio Xmtr for a Model TED-4 Radio Transmitting Equipment. TRANSFER PENDING

  2.One R-482/URR-35A Radio Receiver, part of a AN/URR-35A Radio Set.   TRANSFER PENDING

3. AFFF nozzles, two types:


 4. Various vacuum tubes.   Send email if you have a specific Tube # requirement.


  5. A shaft for a Terry Turbine, Victory Ship Evap Main Cond Pump: 

   6. Connecting Rod, possibly for a Victory Ship air compressor:


   7. Salinity Panel parts:


8. One AM-215 A/U  AF Amplifier:


9. Misc electrical and light fixture parts.  Tell us what you need.