Lightship # 116-538 CHESAPEAKE


Blueprints, Drawings and Plans 
   for the LS-116 / WAL-538       
updated 13 November 2021

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List of plans for LS-100 class # LS-116/WAL-538


LS-100 Class Drawing # 87

 Turning Gear for Propeller Shaft,  dated Sept 29, 1928


LS-100 Class Drawing # 93

Lighting Leads + Fixtures,  dated Aug 8, 1929


LS-100 Class Drawing # 94

Lighting Leads + Fixtures Isometric Sketch,  Aug 15, 1929

LS-100 Class Drawing # 102, for Lightships-115-116-117

Steel Berths in Officers Q'trs, Sept 10, 1928, 523-WAL 3306-2



General Arrangement Plans, Sheet 2 of 3


LS-116-29190 / WAL-538-6700-CV2-A

Radio Room Arrangement,  dated 3/27/1950 (size 7mb)


LS-116-29656 / WAL-538-2407-1-A

Gyro Basic Wiring Diagram,  dated Nov 28, 1956