Lightship # 116-538 CHESAPEAKE


The six Lightships of the LS-100 Class
updated 27 October 2014

LS 100, 113 and 114 were all built at the Albina Iron Works in Portland, OR.                                                             

LS 115, 116 and 117 were all built at the Charleston Machine and Drydock Company in Charleston, SC.


LS-100/523  Built 1929 and Decommissioned May 1971.  Transferred to the US Navy August 1971 and then Transferred to the South Vietnamese Navy on 25 September 1971 and renamed the Ba Dong.


LS-113/535  Built 1929, Decommissioned Oct 1968, Donated to Sea Scouts then returned to the Coast Guard.  Sold and used as a floating restaurant from 1983-1987. Sold in 1988 and she sank in June 1988 while being towed to Alaska.


LS-114/536  Built 1930, Decommissioned Nov 1971, was to be the official Coast Guard Lightship Museum but transferred to the City of New Bedford in 1975.  She sunk at the pier in May 2006 and was raised in September 2006.  Sold by the city for scrap in 2007 and was scrapped at a local yard later the same year.


LS-115/537  Built 1930 and Decommissioned Nov 1965.  Donated for use as a museum in Southport NC Sept 1967.  Sold in 1984 and moved to Whitehaven MD.  Sunk in 1986 and Raised in 1987.  Sold in 1988 and moved to Deal Island MD.  Sold in 1989 and is currently moored at Pier 66 in New York City where it is a floating restaurant.  See 

LS-116/538  Built 1930, Decommissioned Jan 1971, Transferred to the National Park Service and used  as a floating classroom in Washington DC for 10 years, 1982 loaned to the City of Baltimore to be a museum ship.  Still on display as a museum ship at Pier 3 in Baltimore's Inner Harbor under the care of the Historic Ships In Baltimore museum.


LS-117  Built 1930, Rammed and Sunk on 15 May 1934 while on the Nantucket Light Station by the SS Olympic (sister ship of the Titanic) with the loss of 7 crew members.    Replacement, LS-112, paid for by the British government.