Lightship # 116-538 CHESAPEAKE


Projects we need volunteer help with
updated 20 November 2021
Projects that we need help from volunteers to complete:

1. Refurbish the SPN-11 RADAR Antenna, Tech Manual available, but no spare parts.  The goal is to get the motor to turn and the antenna to rotate when power is applied to it before we mount it on the forward mast to replace the 1970/80s white radar-dome. Antenna was donated to the Lightship #112 and this project was COMPLETED BY THE VOLUNTEERS OF Lightship #112, and then the antenna was mounted on the forward mast.


 2.  Refurbish a Mackay AR-4004A Radio Direction Finder for a future display on the Radio Direction Beacon signals that lightships sent out.  The Instruction Book and a spare unit for parts is available.  This would become part of the exhibit display on the ships HF Radio Beacon Transmitting system.  


 3. Refurbish a RBO-2 AM Radio, the Technical Manual and spare vacuum tubes are available.  The goal is to get this back to operating condition.

 4. Refurbish three Ship Entertainment System amplifier and speaker boxes, type CMX-49545, and make them operational with multiple inputs.  A Technical Manual, repair parts and vacuum tubes are available.  the goal is to get these back to operating condition so a variety of inputs could be heard from each.

  5. Refurbish a URC-7 HF Radio transmitter/receiver, the Technical Manual and spare vacuum tubes are available.

   6. Refurbish the ships 10" South Bend lathe.  The goal is to return it to fully operating condition.


  7. Refurbish the ships port and starboard boat davits.  The goal is to return each to fully operating condition to assist with hoisting items on board